About us

We will continue to make challenges to the whole world,
And will become global #1 culture and tourism group.

For the past 23 years HanaTour Group has successfully led the travel industry with our wholesale escorted package products and has expanded in over 6,000 retail travel agencies becoming the largest travel company in Korea.

HanaTour Group has successfully expanded into markets, such as, China and Japan to better accommodate our customers with high quality services in different locales. Currently, HanaTour Group is operating 27 regional offices throughout the world with over 3,200 employees

HanaTour Group has led quantitative and qualitative growth in the travel industry by providing better service through directly operated network, covering 29 areas globally, with the best experts in travel while maintaining highest standards in customer satisfaction. Furthermore, HanaTour Group increases productivity and profitability by integrating innovative IT systems and continuously expanding in market leadership. The HanaTour Group has become a global company and in 2006 was listed in London Securities Exchange (LSE), one of 3 major global securities markets, recognizing HanaTour Group's transparency and reliability in travel internationally.

HanaTour USA, Inc.'s goal is to become the global leader in the outbound market in U.S. and Canada as well as Central and South America through HanaTour's state of the art IT systems, expertise, and all of our strengths to achieve customer satisfaction.

Developing tourism through distribution of unique and customizable cultural products, HanaTour Group will become a company providing the best cultural and tourism service in the world by enhancing global competency for human resources and in business related to cultural travel, HanaTour Group will become the top global tourism group by 2030.